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Our body is not just a body with the physical experience and a soul but is more than that. A body with vibrant influx of energy. An experience which made us realize that. A workshop which taught us a lot about people, but most importantly about oneself.
A workshop was being conducted by Bangalore delegates, which focuses on therapeutic community building: hank nun institute in association with Aatma Prakash.
We spend three days of our lives experiencing this workshop. The day when the workshop started it was a skeptical inception as what is going to happen. New people, new ambiance, different personalities but one aim: TO GROW, TO LEARN, AND TO LIVE.
Many activities were conducted in those three days. The activities held were so new and different that no one was able to deduce what next. I think what I felt during the activities would be the same the other people did. Therefore, a sense of self erupted inside me: A thirst of questions about self, arouse inside me, which I needed to quench: learning about the basic human behavior is what I learned.
This workshop also taught me the meaning of COMMUNITY. It did justice to the definition of community . Meeting a group of strangers and then associating with themselves as one, making one’s own identity with the group was a tedious task which we all successfully accomplished in those 3 days.
Adjustment,Adaptation and Change is needed to bring a spark in a relationship. A very true and real teaching which we learnt. Community is not one in a group but the group as a whole. And we : the whole world is a community thus we should Adjust, Adapt and bring a change to make the world a better place to live in.

Credits. For the article, Shreya Khare: Intern (Aatma Prakash)

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