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Discover The Child Within
We take granted of things which is with us : we know it’s importance and value once it’s gone. Childhood period is one of the important aspects in our life which we take for granted. As soon as the heavy burden of responsibilities mount us: we realise the value of what we have lost.


A very deep and intense workshop was conducted by Aatma work (Aatma Prakash and Disha) to go back to the most priceless state of our life “Jab mei chota baccha tha”. There were 14-15 educated ladies from Helen-o-grady who participated in this workshop. Activities conducted were throughly enjoyed like: becoming a child again , acting like them, walking like them, behaving like them and most importantly living like them.The ladies faces were glowing after this activity. Then came the time to awaken the creative side of oneself as kids and draw and paint there life again with vibrant colours and do a fresh start which was based on the theory of catharsis.


However the workshop not ended here but took more intense form. The time to retrospect, feel nostalgic and awaken  your child. As the tears rolled down the blushy cheeks of ladies : they rolled more deep within themselves.
Finally, the 2 hour workshop was over but with bright faces : it taught us a lesson “NEVER LET THE CHILD INSIDE YOU DIE. THE FLARE AND KINDLE OF CHILD SHOULD ALWAYS BURN WITHIN ONESELF WITH WARMTH”
Credits Shreya, Intern Aatma Prakash


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