Aatma Prakash

Aatma Work 13

A workshop straight from heart!
The value of compassion and love in abundance, we held a workshop in Greater kailash hospital. Workshop consisted of interested Participants from the community who came together to transform a workshop into a family. Surprise, spontaneity, value and fun: Mr. Harish saw a mission of clowning with compassion.
We started this journey from a small hospital room and started with the trance of two activities (In the first activity we connected over food and second made us realize the impact of love.) A team of clowns went to various wards and in no time the hospital ward heard the laughter of patients. Our mixed thought about how to clown soon became our own little tools to reach out to patient whom we could most relate with. The hesitation breaks after that one smile from a patient’s eye and the energy transforms to set the momentum going.
The lead was not in the head or hands… the answers were personal to each clown. Essence was in the life experience of each clown they connect with self and pass a smile to someone’s heart. A circle full of emotions provided space for growth.  In the experience was a hiding difference between sympathy and empathy.  The workshop came to an end yet remained, the reason I personally felt was flow. Each individual had spontaneous freedom to express and implement. The hospital walls heard a personal journey called “meri pehli kavita”.


A magical bend of introspection and self learning: merged patient laughter with dancing eyes.

One voice: colorful eyes; disappearing all I’s recreating new sights.

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