Aatma Prakash

Aatma work 3

Music and Unsaid creation
A team of volunteers. A team of faith, love, respect, beauty and compassion. How we start with silence each time. At times we forget, we misinterpret… how we hold hands; stumble and we stand.
We have fun and we cope, together again.
With no understanding we stand… we seek confusion and clarity is what we strive from within.
Joining hands we create circles, we grow each time. In a momentum we flow and the beauty is shaping its own journey.
We throw in the universe a voice each time, we work on workshops and we participate for growth to learn uncertainty creates beauty, it creates connection.

In the spirit of love: Credits-#Renaissance College and enthusiastic students #Abhishek, #Shruti, #Bharat, #Simran, #Sanchay, #Shreya, #Yash, #Praveen and our support team

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