Aatma Prakash

Aatma Work 5

With one echo we start each journey, call it awareness and we meet communities. This time it was 56 shops and a circle become chain game and food salad became a yummy mixture. Learned us all about ourselves, and grew us all to take turns into our roles.


How the most unknown of people become a part and its only through experiences that life moves on. So, we sit back and we become aware of why we eat what we do, is it behind the shadows of “maan ho gaya” or “khane par kon sochta hai”; we sit back and we make each aatma work a success by our reflections, reflections on reflections and we miss the circles and we enjoy the fights. Its only beautiful how we have combined and in the community we dissolve, this time only to evolve.


We all are personalities and we all have each other’s back… each community, even if vitual has its own charm. The journey has just begun and the momentum is on. So come one and come all, let us spread the message of our driving force, lets be a little more human and let us fight our guiding light within and around.

So let us think before and not while eating. With a moment of silence and a lot of gratitude, let us chose what we eat and love what that eating does to us 🙂


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