Aatma Prakash

Aatma work 6

In the middle of nowhere revolves hope. Surrounding loneliness and sadness we found “hasi”. This time with older population dissolved structure and evolved growth.
Dance and songs and chai with values like oneness, truth, laughter evolved. Change is not always visible, it might be hanging on the walls of the unknown or in the form of tea party. Change might have come in a dua or in the satisfaction of a promise.

With a natural speed the ball started to roll, answer was not known to one but was found due to the struggle from all, came one and came many, left few and choose some to love and join in the fun. Only in reflection we saw the leap and how when leaving we found a way down the road… came an angle and change the way we reflect
Values they all shared while they expected us to sing and dance… in the essence we all discovered. Its love that has all the answers and in warmth people unite, successful we created a space where they spoke and talented our old dadaji and dadiji rebound.

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