Aatma Prakash

Aatma work 7

Saath saath, we keep moving… spreading love, joy, laughter and our own little realities. This time it was an addiction centre. How with no expectations world offers hope and faith…. We sit in silence with no second breath keep at it.

How the time passes, I sit tonight to cherish the small. The unnoticed. The invisible hands. Pain and hurt are not visible often and how we have so many reasons to be ungrateful and just many to show gratitude. How until aware there is no choice and with trust emerges smiles of thanks.
Someone said it’s the seeds we plant and how we nurture the seed determines the quality of plant. We love one and we love all… into addiction we reached with love. We started with thanking and moved into pain just to realize how pain has memories of the unknown past or uncertainty of the future. So we chose the present today! Today was an experience where the past did not matter… and we hold on to strong to only let go…
And then what… We fly! We celebrate… today, this moment feels lighter, feels real

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