Aatma Prakash

Activities Undertaken, 2016

This year we took up various activities/experiments as a team and so many visible and invisible hands facilitated the process of inner growth, well-being and change within the  organization. The  process is unfolding through various small, little efforts and contributions by many people. I thank the whole team of Aatma Prakash and many more people who assisted in the process and now we are beginning to call Aatma Prakash a Mental Health Foundation 

Its easy to move outward once the inner world is thriving with joy, love, beauty and compassion. So many people taught the value of working together with time I am learning the value of understanding deeply oneself and in the process respecting, allowing and resolving differences.


Checking Out. This is many favorite terminology as many will know 🙂 So yes I as the Co-director of Aatma Prakash. Mental Health Foundation now (in this moment) feel happy, content,  satisfied and resourceful 🙂

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