Aatma Prakash

Connecting the dots

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A trip full of gratitude and love. A fulfilling journey within. This trip was a symbol of flow and joy. Two workshop with students of TFI fellows…. Personal space and multi-dimensional wisdom.

Words are not enough to express the beauty of silence. Yet what can be said is that this trip invited determination, silence, memories and Joy.

Faith in life grows with such gratitude I feel so blessed…


So this post is dedicated to all the unknown, uncertain aspects within self… with faith and magic only two words emerge stay stable and travel through each day to only discover that the moon and the water is connected and the sun is awaiting for here is what I found…

In the sunset is peace with each sunrise comes joy. Sad events or happy one’s… what remains is this!

A sea moving its own course and we searching a beauty which has always been within

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