Aatma Prakash

candleIn the darkest hours, in the darkest day;
We lose our vision, we lose our way. 
Testing trials all around, when one problem arises, so do others. 
Facing them we must, consistently day after day, time after time. 
If only there was some light, in the end of this darkness;
Shall we breathe with some respite, and repeat this all over again. 
Like the shifting sands in the never ending desert, 
so do our problems, constantly changing.
Knocks one down flat on one’s back, there would be no looking back.
Failure is not falling down, but not getting back up. 
To give that one last shot with the last remaining ounce of strength,
Till the last drop of sweat, the the last breath of fresh air. 
Challenges will come, challenges will go, 
What must remain, is our self respect & good will. 
Helping hands of friends & family can only take you so far, 
For the final push, would come from within.
Never lose hope, never lose love, 
For one may never know, when the spring would come.
In the darkest of times, we all can find happiness;
If only one remembers to turn on the lights. 
Akhil Suresh_Member Aatma Prakash
(Writer, Poet and a Friend)
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