Aatma Prakash

Journey within

From a “kutumb” to a Join family to living with stangers and eventually being stangers to one’s own self… Are our insecurieties ready to receive happiness? Can we be paitent enough to invest in connecting within ourselves… In the insensitivity dances the pain of fear.
Drama of fear, anger and ripples of uncertain life shades a teen… surrounds chos of identity and impatience of growth. so we stay with the drama and we hold the fine balance of looking outside and inside, so we dont miss the drama and we dont create one!

Photo credits: Shreya (Intern Aatma Prakash, 2015)
Photo credits: Shreya (Intern Aatma Prakash, 2015)

so lets Play our bit of drama with our lights within! We become the change we wish to see in this world.

#Credits: Abhishek, Simran, Parth, Bharat

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