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Sapna Ranch


Running through the wilderness, the side of the moon right over head and fire deep within, we reached a dream land called Spana Ranch. Some people speak with action, they don’t demand nor do they control, they simply act and in slow mindful ways they change the world. Such is the master of this land.
At an age when people decide to retire and wait for the next to take over, this man challenges the show, he dreams to train a generation of kids who neither hurt self nor others: with great passion in act, with no desire to be recognised, he practices his words and simple living- he shadows.
From an experience into banana farm and chocolate laddo, we went through the celebration- each day was warm and each evening a new surprise.
Bamboo plantation, solar dryer, listening to unknown stories and observing the planets… we had bonfire and we had pizza parties, we had independence and underneath many stories evolved. Kabir in mornings and reflections all around, each one had the freedom to be and accepted for not the rules but for the beauty underneath.

Our wishes were always fulfilled from “a mother with all care” to a “sadhu without a language” we shared, we cared and we grew beyond awareness in so many little conversations which were held. The kids curiosity he fulfilled like a non harmful being, he guides the silent path. Many hands touched the untold stories. I came to you without a plan yet this journey starts and sustains in the beauty of your words…
“Let the inner guide shine your path and your actions- let nature define”
(A place near Pune, mandangad called Spana Ranch_ A space for democratic education for kids and simple, sustainable living at a farm: A pure Inspiration)


3 thoughts on “Sapna Ranch”

  1. Dear Prathana Ma’m,
    First of all Congratulations for expressing your feelings about sapana Ranch….
    I am totally agree with you.
    This year I missed workshop.Last year I was there and my family joined me later.
    Though Hasmukh never speaks about himself we must appreciate his dedicated work.

    Vivek Kulkarni

  2. God gave me a taste of working for a NGO and the taste still calls me. My worldly responsibilities have not yet come to a point where I can “lead with my heart”. But soon that day will come and you will see me at Sapna ranch. At least that is my Sapna. Manoj

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