Aatma Prakash

Unfolding simple

Life is happening each morning, setting itself towards flow… the earth is revolving each moment faster with each blow- are we observing the changes within each morning? All searching outside or within has a strange simplicity, like water: movement and yet stillness!
In observation are those small cues of happening, unplanned: untouched: serene: empty: clean. The stillness might surprise many for in the face of creation stands unmovable stillness. Often growth is silent, inevitable and forever changing.
With settling mind, life starts to emerge and each moment brings newness. Often closed eyes are deeper than the surfaced breaths, an edging smile of a strange child is more familiar than all that feels familiar are but simply intrusions.
The more one sees the less one knows, the less one holds the more to shadow.
Noone can but explain the inner charm, for touching the lotus an evolution has occurred within, for the flower knows nothing about its becoming and the transformation has reformed. Without notice the head, hand and heart stands still and in a moment the moment dissolves and the world revolves. Emptiness surrounds.
Quest is full within and yet empty when spilled. Words charged with emotions look for expression, hunter stands with a belief and the magic vanish. So let us turn inward and let the answers emerge for life is happening even when you not looking.

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