Aatma Prakash

Unreal darkness

When the evening is turning into darkness… and many love the discomfort of known! Challenges persists and the fighters are kin,
overshadow’s word of wisdom and unknown stands the bargain.
Surround few encounters as they provoke the deeper layers: play with words or ideas or they survive with mysteries known to anyone but them!

Can you change the non-willing into action without manipulating?
Who decides if the best lies in responsibility or angry dissatisfaction! If the answers are in today will you not chose the discomfort of a sad yesterday or a scary imagined today, the next day?
“I” has a tread of connectivity and only the person decides if the black shadow should sustain or a new change!

Progresses the night and path becomes rocky, for its easy to follow others path, easier to follow none. Life of messengers is full of stones and they often mummer… miles to go before “I” disappear.

In the struggle is a slow preparedness: right when it’s too dark be sure that the sun is about to raise… be sure that the culture of the stars is uncomfortable with the bigger star! Yet the star shines…
many sleep too hard and see none but the eye glued covered star. Magic is none and yet around. No definition paves value to transform!

It seeks the preparedness of dark. Only the dark has the potential of dirt and suffocation and discomfort and Imbalance. Only in dark is the greatest of all… A bigger struggle and a small yet essential, a space to self, a beauty within, none and all: simply a life to stay, outside.

Cry for self is the first sign… follows contentment, exploration and innovation at the center of this deep cry!

Survival is the basic and rest is social… struggling to be found and the presence and many resolve. self starts to receive forgets to give! Losses responsibility and becomes one wish, a need. Struggles to identify first and dis-identify later…

Star is still set on fire and layer by layer darkness intensify… each noise has a personal voice and sounds hide beside.

It was all so real. Imagined each world.
Its while unlearning the given, giving survives… and while exploration includes a path to unravel, for, each journey has its beauty and into the deepest of search one sees own realities. The moment is air, it’s realised so the reality evolves and search dissolves.

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